Checkpoint Manager For Service Providers

Checkpoint Manager allows Providers to control the airport security process though live-passenger monitoring. Data provides operators with operational intelligence to perform informed decisions, including; Staff volume resourcing and lane management to encourage a smooth passenger security process.

Service Providers Accessing Checkpoint Manager:

Bottleneck Management

Maximize Post-security time

Stakeholder Communication

Maximized Operational ROI

Improved passenger travel experience

Immediate benefits experiences with Checkpoint Manager:

Measurable Performance Reports

Includes individual lanes, queues, terminals, satellites and/or the entire site

Maximize Post-security time

A clear and solid means to expedite security control and make the process as seamless as possible.

Passengers spend more time in Retail area

A tangible means to justify service investment to the airport.

Improve Stakeholder Collaboration

Through a collaborative effort all stakeholders work towards the mutual goal

A happier Passenger

Reduced security wait-times mean passengers enjoy airside activities longer

Features delivered in the Checkpoint Manager for providers

See Checkpoint Manager running in a real-time environment