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Smaller operations can now benefit from digitized PRM solutions

Having integrated Ozion PRM Manager into some of the world’s largest airports and complex assistance operations Ozion is now taking the technical and operational expertise and creating a new, lightweight version of the software providing modest sized airports with all the advantages gained through digital transformation with the entry-level solution.

What is delivered in LITE?

  • A Transition to Digital Monitoring with removal of manual processes
  • Automation of IATA Type B messages / passenger orders
  • Automation of Job and task generation
  • Simplified Navigational Tools and interface
  • Automated and/or Manual Milestoning
  • Instant and Easy Agent Dispatch
  • Real-time passenger journey tracking (volumes and assistance)
  • +36 hours passenger volumes and assistance type visibility
  • Access Airline notification and passenger volume reporting tools
  • All standard tools with optional advanced tools that can be unlocked as and when your operation grows.

Who is PRM Manager LITE for?

5000 PRMs+

If your service is assisting 5,000 to 40,000 passengers a year the operational benefits and ROI will be instantly noticed and measurable.

Desire to Digitize

If an internal desire to transform to digital / automated processes is being explored this solution will address fundamental changes.


The biggest perceived barrier to entry has now been removed without sacrificing core operational functionals.