The Checkpoint Landscape

  • Checkpoint Management remains one of the top priorities for airports with regards to cost & risk management
  • The resource costs for checkpoint activities represents between 10- 20% of airport operation costs
  • Security checks are a sensitive subject for passengers, long queues negatively impact the travelling experience
  • The speed of the checkpoint process has a direct impact on the time passengers are present in the Duty Free zone and able to generate revenue for the airport
  • Reducing checkpoint time can have a direct affect on limiting flight delays

Come, Discover how the latest software can take your checkpoint operation beyond expectation

Challenges Addressed

  • Passenger Traffic Forecasting
  • Team Preparation
  • Track Order Coverage
  • Increase Operational Performance
  • Dispatch in Real-time
  • Respect Security Demands
  • Anticipate Hazards
  • Enable Collaboration
  • Operational Analysis
  • Operational Benchmarking

Benefits Delivered

Staff Cost Efficiency
Reduce Wait Time
Anticipate Issues
Precise Tracking
Collaborative Sharing

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