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Day 1




2:00 PM-2:10 PMWilliam L. Neece
Director of Airports
Ozion Airport Software
2:10 PM-2:25 PM

Martyn Sybley
Purple Goat Agency

Changing the world of accessible travel
2:25 PM-2:40 PMTariq Kamal
Vice President and HeadAirport Expansion Project Interface & Terminal
Delhi International Airport
Lessons and Takeways -Award-Winning COVID-19 preparedness at Delhi International Airport
2:40 PM-3:00 PMDr. Jennifer Camulli 
Manager People with Accessible Needs 
EXPO 2020 Dubai 
Airports: What is the DPNA journey?
3:00 PM-3:15 PMLinda Ristagno
Assistant Director of External Affairs
Presenting an update on accessibility from a policy perspective 
3:15 -3.30 PMBreak
 Musical Interlude with Jason Feddy played in John Wayne Airport
3:30 PM-3:45 PMWilliam L. Neece
Director of Airports
Ozion Airport Software
How Smart Data Ensures the Passenger Experience
3:45 PM-4:00 PMLaurel Van Horn
Director of Programs
Open Doors Organization
Measuring Satisfaction Among Passengers with Disabilities and Older Adults
4:00 PM-4:15 PMBrian Cobb
Head of Innovation
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Provoking PRM Thought Leadership and Personalization
4:15 PM-4:50 PMRoberto Castiglioni
Reduced Mobility Rights

Emilia de Santis
Terminal Manager
Napoli International Airport

Christina Smith
Customer Services and Accessibility Executive
John Lennon Liverpool Airport

Nazareno Ventola
Bologna Airport

Airport Accessibility Award
(Panel Discussion)
4:50 PM-5:00 PMWilliam L. Neece
Director of Airports

Ozion Airport Software
Day 1 closing Remarks

Day 2

From 2PM to 4PM (CET). Day 2 of the conference is designed to investigate pinpointed details of Passengers with Reduced Mobility and Assisted Service. A content-rich and intensive investigative session includes presenters from the perspective of Airports, Service Providers and Airlines. This panel will include key PRM figures from Europe and North America who will invite attendees into an interactive deep-dive, exploring operational strategies, mechanisms and policies to ascertain efficiency, effectiveness and appropriateness of the keys to a successful airport assisted services operation. Those intending to attend Day Two are invited to submit and vote for preferred deep-dive subjects.

Key Subjects: Currently being voted on by attendees (here )
Scroll down to see current topic voting results (03/12/2020).




2:00PM – 4:00PM Phil Burke
Assistant Director, Customer Experience

MSP Airport

Tim Joniec I.A.P., C.M
Director of Government and Stakeholder Relations
Houston Airport System

Ridge Pereira
Systems Project Manager
Wilson James

Gina Emrich
Director of Passenger Experience
Open Doors Organization

William L. Neece
Director of Airports
Ozion Airport Software

Service Messages, SSR Types & Data Driven Decision Making – A Deep Dive

Current Day 2 topics voting


% of votes

IATA Type B messages17%
SSR codes – current strengths/weaknesses, consistency, outlook and potential adaptations53%
The Difference between North American and European PRM Services55%
PRM Data and decision making68%
Preparing for a travel influx – Post Vaccine Strategies45%
Attendee Submission – How to measure own or service provider service level (according to EU regulation)52%
Attendee Submission – Assessing the Effectiveness of Airport Programs for Travelers with Disabilities and Older Adults35%
Attendee Submission – Airline prenotification and accuracy of information52%
Attendee Submission – The optimal funding model for covering the costs of PRM services67%
Attendee submission – Marketing and communication during pandemic17%
Design of airports to support PRM59%
The planned presentations and conversations will primarily interest those with a strategic and operational interest in Passengers with Reduced Mobility services.

Stakeholders from airports, airlines, service providers and aviation authorities registered so far include the following job functions:

Accessibility Manager, Acting Director, National External Operations, Office of Civil Rights, ADA Coordinator, Agent Director, Airport Volunteer Program Coodinator, ARFFS Station commander, Assistant Director External Affairs, Assistant Director of Customer Experience, Assistant General Counsel, CEO, Chairman, Counsel, Customer Regulatory & Resolution, Customer Care Policy Manager, Duty Manager, EVP, Head of Assets & Landside Operations, Head of Department, Head of PRM Services, Head of Terminal and Passenger Operations, International Project Manager, Legal Officer, Policy Advisor, Policy and Enforcement Adviser, PRM & Terminal Manager, PRM Service Manager, Program Coordinator, Program Manager, Senior Adviser, Consumer Policy and Enforcement, Senior Manager Accessibility, Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs, Senior Manager, Facilitation and Services, Terminal management, VI/ADA Program Manager, Vice President of Strategy and VP Operations

The ongoing uncertainty of travel resulted in shifting the conference from its traditional physical setting to a virtual environment, a decision that hasn’t deterred interest nor registrations. If anything, it would seem the online setting has made the stage more accessible to a wider audience as we see Service Managers, PRM Directors and Operational Directors registering from around the globe. At present stakeholders from 26 countries and 4 continents have confirmed their attendance.

As in previous years the topics of discussion will centre on the management, operation and policies of Passenger with Reduced Mobility Services. 2020 has certainly presented unique challenges and innovative solutions to secure high-risk passengers. The 2-day schedule promises to be an insightful and thought-provoking event.


We have set up a Slack server so PRM stakeholders can share experiences, challenges and ideas throughout the year.

If you are unable to register via the form kindly email and we will register you manually

Feedback from the last edition

"Fabulous host and team, well organised and great to have the opportunity to present to such an influential audience."
Joshua Wintersgill
Founder & CEO at Easytravelseat
I thought the quality of the presentations, venue and your first class hosting, made for a really enjoyable and informative day.
Richard Fudge
International Business Development Director | OCS Group UK Ltd

Photos from previous conferences

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