2 of the 3 largest airports in Europe now use PRM Manager

A software demonstration is intended to be a relaxed and informative demonstration of the system’s functionalities in a live-environment. We will endeavour to show you how certain aspects of the system function in airports of similar size and structure to your own.  The areas explored during the demonstration will vary depending on the areas you would like to prioritize.

+24/+48 Workload Forecasting

Airline notification messages (PAL,CAL,PSM) are converted into processes and tasks. Providing visibility on future workloads and peak periods. Client’s use this tool to control staffing costs, ensuring the right volume are available as and when needed.

Passenger Tracking in Real-time

A dispatcher’s ability to view an entire operation (passenger progress) – whether live or in the future empowers them to fully control the operation. Bottleneck avoidance has never been so easy with the Ozion Real-time Passenger Flow monitoring tool.

SLA Deviation Monitoring

The live passenger delay screen allows dispatchers and management to instantly identify which passengers are experiencing a delay in service. Clients use this tool to ensure delays approaching the SLA threshold are treated with utmost importance.

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