Speaker FAQs

Does my presentation topic need to be approved?

Yes, to ensure the conference content is suitable the conference director and potential presenter should agree on the topic of discussion.

How will I deliver my presentation?

Your presentation will run from the conference laptop. You’ll have full control of slide transitions through a clicker. If you need assistance with slide transitions this can be arranged.

Can I include video in my presentation?

Yes, but videos must be embedded into the presentation.

Will my presentation be recorded?

By default your presentation will be recorded and uploaded onto Ozion’s website and social media. If you would prefer your presentation not to be recorded/shared beyond the day itself you may opt-out by emailing wneece@Ozion-Airport.com

Will I have access to the internet t the venue? Yes

Do you have recommendations for my PowerPoint presentation?

To ensure readability from th back of the room font should be greater than 24 point-size. Ideally the font should be 28-32 point-size and titles 36-44 point-size.

Do you pay for travel expenses?

I order to stay neutral and provide the best possible content travel expenses are not covered.

Will I be able to attend other sessions that I am not speaking at.

Absolutely, we encourage speakers to participate throughout the day

Are presenters provided a meal?

Yes, refreshments and meal are provided

Do you expect anything else from me besides showing up to speak?

We expect all speakers to communicate with the organisers to ensure all requirements are clear.

What if I need technical assistance on the day of the conference?

Volunteers and staff will be on hand to assist throughout the day. Any special requirements should be expressed in advance.

Do I need to register since you know I am
coming to speak?
No, as a speaker you’re automatically given full conference access.

What kind of sessions are there?

Beyond your own presentation there will be panel discussions and round tables, you may be invited onto a panel discussion.

Who is introducing me?

One of the two co-hosts will introduce you.

What information should I provide the organisation team in advanced?

The team will need a speaker bio and a high-resolution photograph (300DPI)

Do you have presentation templates?

This year we have decided that speakers can use their own templates.

Do I need to send my presentation for review?

Yes, please send the draft version and then the final version.

Can I provide handouts?

Yes, while we can provide access to online documents printed handouts can be placed during the break before your presentation. Kindly provide these to the organisation team during the speaker meeting. The conference staff will not be able to print the documents.

How much time should I plan for the presentation?

Prepare your presentation to last no longer than 15 minutes, the co-hosts will endeavour to respect time schedules.

How much time should I plan for Q&As?

Allow for 5 minutes Q&A, the co-host will try to encourage 2 or 3 questions from the audience along with a question of their own.

Can I promote my participation in the conference?

Yes, all speakers will be provided with promotional materials to share on social media.

When is the deadline to request to speak?

30th September 2022

When is the deadline to submit speaker promotional materials

Upon acceptance

When is the deadline to submit my PowerPoint slides?

3rd November 2022