SSR Code Reporting

The SSR Code reporting addon compliments a vast array of additional PRM reporting tools available to airports using Ozion PRM Manager. Through Real-time data capturing, the SSR Code Reporting Addon provides a robust tool for users to interrogate passengers based on SSR codes across a variety of axis to identify pivotal characteristics and performance indicators potentially associated with the type of assistance requested?

Benefits of SSR Code Reporting for Providers:

Tools unlocked in Agent Productivity Management

SSR Code Trend Analysis

Identify daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal SSR Code trends

SSR Codes by Arrival

Isolate SSR Code occurrences by Arrival passengers

SSR Codes by Departure

Identify SSR Code trends and behaviours of departing passengers

SSR Codes by Transfer

Identify Transfer Passenger SSR Codes

SSR Code Comparison by Airline

Compare and benchmark SSR Codes by one or many airlines

SSR Code Comparison by Flight

Compare and contrast SSR Codes by flight numbers, and adjust

SSR Codes by Terminal

SSR Codes by Terminal Identify, compare & contrast SSR Codes rates by terminal

SSR Codes by Satellite

Identify, compare & contrast SSR Code assistance service by Satellite

Analyse Service Levels

Compare and contrast Service levels by passenger SSR Type

No-Shows by SSR Code

Identify, compare & contrast SSR Codes by destinations and origins

Core features of PRM Manager for Providers

Providers who access PRM manager extend system functionality with

The system is purposely configured for airport requirements. functionality can be extended through activation of additional modules. Therefore growing as your own needs evolve.

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