Kate Hardwick – Speaker Bio – 2021 Airport PRM Leadership Conference

Kate Hardwick – Speaker Bio – 2021 Airport PRM Leadership Conference

Throughout the last 2 years, Kate has worked with key members of the aviation and accessibility industries to research the future of airport accessibility. This research has resulted in the development of an industry roadmap which could guide accessibility improvements forward to 2036. This piece of research is currently being considered for publication in conjunction with leading aviation academics from Loughborough and Leicester University.

Having graduated last year with a first-class degree in Air Transport Management, Kate has begun working as a graduate Airport Panner for the multi-national engineering firm Jacobs. Through this role she works on airports around the world carrying out a variety of key tasks, including terminal and airfield design and airport-wide master planning. Having developed a passion for accessibility, Kate now applies the knowledge to her planning work in the hopes of developing more accessible terminals.

Conference Presentation

Looking forward to 2036: A presentation outlining the findings of Kate Hardwick’s recent study conducted into the future of accessibility in airports. This presentation will discuss the roadmap she developed for the aviation industry. Throughout, discussion will focus on the key actions identified for regulations, international communication and collaboration, service prioritisation and training, application for technology and operations, as well as the necessary procedural and infrastructural improvement.

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