Extract – Airport PRM Operation Diagnostic Report and Technology Feasibility Assessment (2023)

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Ozion Airport Software had the privilege of conducting a comprehensive audit and feasibility study of the PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) operation at a prominent airport in Southern Europe, serving as the country’s main hub.

The objective of the visit and study was to identify key areas where integration and migration to a digitized solution could render significant improvements in operational performance, passenger experience, stakeholder intelligence, and potentially financial return.

In this paper, we will share a portion of our findings, aiming to assist other airports undergoing similar transitions by drawing relevant parallels.

it is important to note that the complete report has been provided to the management team of the concerned airport and is not available for public download

As an independent software publisher specializing in the aviation industry, Ozion Airport Software firmly believes that embracing a technology-enabled approach to PRM operations can unlock new levels of operational efficiency, effectiveness, passenger satisfaction, and staff productivity. By adopting this approach, airport PRM operations can position themselves for a more successful future.



The primary purpose of Ozion’s visit and observations was to analyse process flows within the PRM operation. Our aim was to provide a comprehensive evaluation that not only highlights the existing strengths and areas for improvement but also presents measurable return on investments (ROIs) of any potential solution. By doing so, we sought to empower senior management with a clear understanding of the potential organizational benefits that can be derived from investing in a software solution.




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