Airline Notification Trend Analysis Webinar (2019/2020/2021)

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  • Pre-Notification Comparative Analysis
  • Pre-Covid Pre-Notification rates (<2020)
  • Covid Pre-Notification Rates (2020)
  • Baseline for comparison
  • YTD 2021 Pre-Notification rates
  • Analysing YTD 2021 rates and potential trend identification against Pre-Covid rates for Q3/Q4 (Recovery Analysis)


  • Overview of PRM Manager Reporting Tools
  • Focus on Pre-Notification Reporting
  • Pre-Notification Measurement
  • Benchmarking Performance
  • Airline Comparison
  • Identification and isolation of unexpected deviations

Real Examples

Once we have covered the bases, we will dive into real-world examples of airline performance where attendees will discover the ability to identify and discover root causes of pre-notification and ultimately gain an insight into how airports and providers use such findings to react and address such occurrences.

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