Web Win Group and Ozion team up to provide Bucharest Airport with the latest release of the Ozion PRM Manager 4.6

Web Win Group and Ozion team up to provide Bucharest Airport with the latest release of the Ozion PRM Manager 4.6

Bucharest Airport Henri-Coandă recently awarded its Tender to modernize its Passenger with Reduced Mobility (PRM) services, in collaboration with Web Win Group Romania.

This partnership signifies the airport’s genuine commitment to a digital transformation, where Ozion isn’t just a PRM Manager provider; it’s a strategic ally in their journey towards operational excellence.

Pioneering the adoption of Ozion’s software in the Balkans, this case study explores the airport’s transformative journey, highlighting the shift from conventional methods to a more modernized and efficient digital approach.

  1. Channel Partner Collaboration:

Ozion partnered with Web Win Group Romania to introduce PRM Manager V4 at Bucharest Airport Henri-Coandă. This collaboration seamlessly integrated Ozion’s advanced technology into the airport’s systems, delivering an efficient solution tailored to the Balkans’ international airport needs. Welcome, Web Win Group Romania, as our Channel Partner, now offering enhanced PRM Management solutions with Ozion in their portfolio.

  1. Choosing Ozion for a Digital Shift:

Recognizing the need for modernization in passenger assistance services, Bucharest Airport Henri-Coandă not only got  Ozion as the software tool provider but a partner for their digital transformation. The decision reflected the airport’s commitment to upgrading their services with innovative technology.

  1. First Steps in Digital Operations:

Moving away from manual processes, the airport started its first digital operations with Ozion’s PRM Manager V4. This shift aimed at making operations more efficient and improving the overall experience for PRM passengers.

  1. Adaptable for All Airports:

Ozion’s software is not limited to larger or smaller airport operations, or just to one airport at a time. Its versatility enables support for airports at the outset of their digital transition or at the highest levels of digital integration. This adaptability makes it a suitable choice for airports at different stages of their digital journey.

  1. Enhancing Passenger Safety with Signatures:

As part of their digital transformation, a signature process was added directly to the agent PDAs. The inclusion of the Signature process provided an additional layer of protection for both the passengers and the airport when passengers choose to board independently.

  1. Hands-On Training and Live Launch:

Ozion’s implementation process kicked off with a detailed training session for the shift managers and dispatchers onsite at the airport. The second day witnessed a live launch, covering three shifts with 20 staff members. Ozion’s team remained on-site for the launch and the subsequent day, providing ongoing support and monitoring to ensure a smooth transition.

Results and Impact

  • Operational Efficiency: The migration to PRM Manager V4 significantly improved the efficiency of passenger assistance operations at Bucharest Airport Henri-Coandă. The digital solutions facilitated real-time communication, task management, and reporting.
  • Enhanced Passenger Experience: The adoption of Ozion’s advanced technology will contribute to an overall improvement in the passenger experience, especially for those with reduced mobility. The streamlined processes and digital tools ensure a more personalized and efficient service for passengers requiring assistance.
  • On-Track Operations: Advanced reporting tools will now help to keep facilitate a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Insightful Reports: The software’s reporting gives the detail on how the process management is doing, helping to spot trends and figure out what adjusts are needed to make. It’s not just data; it’s the inside scoop that will let the operation fine-tune their game and keep things shipshape.
  • Digital Transformation: The system provides real-time insight reports, offering a detailed view of airport activities. This enables the team to make swift decisions in response to changing conditions. The digital upgrade ensures decisions are based on the latest information, enhancing the agility and effectiveness of airport management.
  • Complete Passenger Tracking: The software’s instant impact is evident in its ability to facilitate the comprehensive tracking of passengers throughout their journey at the airport. Passenger Arrival, Transfers or simple Departures, every stage of passenger movement is monitored, providing a whole view of passenger flow and allowing for proactive assistance when needed.
  • Resource Control: The system provides detailed insights into resource usage, allowing for optimized allocation and utilization. This control ensures that staff and equipment are deployed efficiently, reducing unnecessary costs and enhancing overall operational effectiveness.
  • No-Show Monitoring: For the first time, the airport has gained insights into no-show occurrences through the monitoring system. This data will enable a detailed analysis of resource use. With this information, the airport can implement strategies to minimize no-shows, improving resource allocation and service delivery. This help to make better plans, reduce no-shows, and enhance services.


Bucharest Airport Henri-Coandă’s collaboration with Web Win Group Romania and Ozion, embracing PRM Manager V4.6, showcases the adaptability of Ozion’s software in various airport settings.

The successful shift to digital solutions reflects the airport’s commitment to transformation, encouraging ongoing innovation in passenger assistance services. This partnership not only modernizes services but also highlights Ozion’s software efficiency for all airports.

Lizzette Ramirez

Ozion Airport Software

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