20 Years of Innovation: Ozion’s Impact on Airport Services

20 Years of Innovation: Ozion’s Impact on Airport Services

In the dynamic world of aviation, Ozion Airport Software has been a pioneer of innovation and excellence for two decades. As we celebrate 20 years of innovation, Ozion extends our deepest gratitude to our team, clients, and partners who have been integral to our success. With a continued commitment to driving innovation in airport services software, Ozion looks forward to continuing to shape the future of the aviation industry.

Founding Principles & Market Leadership

Since the inception, Ozion has been driven by a relentless commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. These core principles have propelled Ozion to become the preferred provider of airport services software, earning the trust of airlines, airports and service providers globally and solidifying our position as a market leader.

Global Impact & In-House Development

Ozion’s impact extends far beyond geographical boundaries, with interconnected products resonating with airports of all sizes worldwide. Central to Ozion’s success is our exceptional in-house development team, comprised of talented individuals who continually push the boundaries of innovation to ensure Ozion remains at the forefront of industry standards.

Key Features of Ozion Airport Software

  1. Enhanced Passenger Experience
    • Ozion places the passenger experience at the center of operations, offering a seamless and personalized journey. Encouraging passengers to define their desired journey, empowering them with autonomy and choice, while outfitting airport operation teams with the most powerful tools to succeed in ensuring the passenger experience and best possible turn around times.
      Integrating passenger starting points and infrastructure seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive travel experience. Real-time monitoring of passenger wait times and personalized services, such as instructive messages and feedback integration, further enhance the passenger experience.
  1. Seamless Airport Operations
    • Managing the airport and airline operations and on time performance through the service for passengers with reduced mobility. Effectively managing assisted passenger transfers from one service provider the other, never losing sight of the passenger. Sharing key data information in real time to allow for the best possible planning and service delivery for assisted passengers as well as ensuring overall airline and airport on time performance.
  1. Operational Control
    • Ozion’s PRM Manager has transformed the way aviation looks at the possibilities for managing the service for passengers requesting assistance. Empowering operations, enabling proactive management of challenges, and ensuring each passenger journey. Integrated smart algorithms allow for the efficient allocation of resources and intuitive solutions for the passenger experience and on time performance.
    • Real-time operational dashboards provide instant insights into the live and coming assisted passenger service profiles, enabling airports to identify and address bottlenecks effectively. Resource visualization and one-click smart views ensure efficient management of assistance demand and passenger requests.
  1. Data-Driven Decision Making
    • Ozion empowers aviation with powerful tools for data-driven decision making. The software allows airports, airlines and service providers to measure and optimize productivity, service quality, and efficiency, leading to enhanced operational performance.
    • Through comprehensive reporting and analytics, airlines, airports and service providers can gain valuable insights into key performance indicators, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.
  1. Airline Integration
    • Ozion extends system access to airlines, facilitating seamless collaboration and decision making at the gate. Dedicated airline order forms and Cupps integration enable airlines to optimize turnaround times and enhance operational efficiency.
    • Ozion’s software helps reduce missed flights of PRMs by providing real-time data and insights, ensuring a smooth and seamless journey for passengers with reduced mobility.

Join us in celebrating this milestone and stay tuned for more exciting developments from Ozion!

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