Register Now for the 2017 Airport PRM Leadership Conference

Register Now for the 2017 Airport PRM Leadership Conference


On November 10th 2017 Ozion will host the Second Airport PRM Conference at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport. Ozion Breakfast

Enjoy the Breakfast of PRM Champions!

The conference will be attended by professionals who oversee or run PRM services for airports, service providers and airlines who are looking to improve their PRM (Passenger with Reduced Mobility) operations by sharing their PRM challenges and solutions with their peers.

We will address essential questions facing the sector in presentations, workshops, one-to-ones and during meals or breaks.

These questions include:

– Why is PRM such a devilishly hard service to deliver well (quality, time, budget) from the point of view of all concerned parties – PRM passengers, associations, airport supervisory agencies, airports, providers and airlines)?

– What has changed very significantly that now makes it possible to run PRM operations that satisfy all the parties involved

– New case studies of airports who have cracked the PRM conundrum presented by the people who implemented new effective solutions themselves

– Focus on how it is now possible to get and share live all the reliable, trusted SLA and KPI data everyone has been asking for for years and stop playing with incomplete, unreliable and unrepresentative time-consuming Excel exports Ozion Paris

After the Conference Visit Paris

– How live PRM collaboration between airport, provider and airlines is fundamentally changing the daily outcome of PRM operations

– Results of the June 2017 Industry Survey on what the sector considers the main PRM challenges for the primary parties involved

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