PRM Stakeholder Survey Results (2023)

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PRM Stakeholders attending the 8th Annual Airport PRM Leadership Conference responded with their views and opinions on a variety of Accessibility topics.

Questions asked and answered include:

  • Which Organization type do you represent? this will help with the results presentation
  • Outside of your work environment, do you have friends and/or family who use PRM services when travelling?
  • Which area of PRM services do you believe requires the most immediate investment and innovation?
  • In terms of technology, which innovation do you believe has the most potential to enhance PRM services in the next 5 years?
  • Which stakeholder group do you believe needs to be more actively involved in discussions and decisions about PRM services?
  • How do you foresee the demand for PRM services changing in the next decade?
  • What is the most effective way to gather feedback from PRM to improve services?
  • What do you believe is the primary reason for not investing more in innovations for PRM services?
  • In terms of training, which aspect do you believe needs the most emphasis to improve PRM services?
  • How do you view the role of regulatory bodies in shaping the future of PRM services?
  • Which of the following would most enhance the travel experience for PRM?
  • Based on the SSR codes, which category of passengers do you believe requires the most improvement in terms of service quality and assistance provided?
  • How would you rate your organization’s current level of service for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)?
  • Which of the following best describes your organization’s approach to PRM service feedback?
  • In terms of PRM service training, which methodology do you believe is most effective?
  • How do you view the balance between automation and human touch in PRM services?
  • How do you personally feel about your role in providing services to passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)?
  • How transparent do you believe your organization is about challenges and shortcomings in PRM services?
  • How would you rate your organization’s responsiveness to negative feedback or incidents related to PRM services?
  • How aligned are your organization’s stated values about PRM services with actual practices on the ground?
  • (Attendee submitted Question) How do you envision the future of the industry in shaping services to meet the needs of PRM passengers and comply with airport management regulations?
  • (Attendee submitted Question)    How aligned do you believe the industry vision is with the actual needs and requirements of PRM passengers and airport management in terms of compliance with regulations?
  • (Attendee submitted Question)    What your consensus regarding the implementation of QR coding for autonomous wheelchairs and buggies within the airport?
  • (Attendee submitted Question)    What challenges do you foresee with the implementation of QR coding for autonomous wheelchairs and buggies, and how do they anticipate informing airlines about passenger accessibility via the QR codes?
  • (Attendee submitted Question)   Where do you think more focus on direct improvements for the PRM experience needs to be, Airport, Supplier or Airline?

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