Improving Airport Services for Frequent Flying Passengers with Reduced Mobility

Airports are enhancing the travel experience for passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs) through the introduction of the “Frequent Flyer” feature in PRM Manager 4.8.

This new feature recognizes frequent users of PRM services, enabling the development of tailored support based on individual travel patterns and needs. Potential benefits include reduced waiting times and a more customized journey. The Frequent Flyer notification system automatically identifies frequent flyers once they are added to the list, either through SITA messages (pre-notified) or via ad-hoc/manual entries. This approach allows assistance personnel to better anticipate and address specific passenger preferences, significantly improving satisfaction and fostering loyalty.

This initiative also integrates machine learning and IoT technologies to enhance personalization further. This enhancement is designed to streamline the journeys of PRM passengers, increase the efficiency of airport operations, and strengthen the relationship between assisted service providers and their clients.

For additional information about PRM Manager 4.8 and Frequent Flyer alerts contact visit here


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