Humanizing PRM – 8 Ways PRM Software may Develop in a COVID-19 Environment

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PRM services must now transition their focus from commercial survival to the restoration of operational services in a COVID-19 environment that presents disruptive challenges, unseen in scale since the immediate transformation of air travel following 9/11. Some alterations in operational policies and processes will be enforced by external bodies, others will be introduced by airports and service providers themselves who proactively re-write their own best practice policies to protect staff and nurture a safe environment and travel experience for those considered high-risk passengers (PRMs). Here we explore initiatives and configurations of PRM Software Management Systems that can assist passengers requiring assistance, service providers, airlines and airports as we begin to increase our passenger number


  • The ever increasing need to monitor the passenger journey in real-time
  • Incorporating additional checkpoints into the passenger’s journey
  • A means of prioritizing family members who fly together and require assistance
  • SLA Moficiation and Comparative Reporting
  • Integrating Dynamic Waiting Rooms
  • Overcoming the challenges presented by maskwear
  • Including Cleaning / Disinfection duties within the system
  • Adjusting the software with new terminal norms

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