Why use PRM software?

Why use PRM software?

PRM software makes the operatios predictable, leaner and profitable for airports and service providers. The need for a new generation of PRM management software is driven by the global combination of an aging population and the growing proportion of individuals requiring assistance:

Air traffic continues to grow at 15% a year. Government regulations in Europe (EU Regulation N° 1107/2006), the USA and elsewhere impose stringent obligations for PRM air traveller assistance.

Lapses in PRM assistance or regulatory non-compliance lead to public embarrassment and heafty fines. Roughly 1% of airline passengers require PRM assistance: an airport with 10 million passengers a year can expect 100,000 PRM jobs a year or 500 a day during the high season. PRM operators need PRM software to meet the challenges of fast growth, low productivity and erratic service reliability if they are to become and stay profitable.


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