The Ozion Promise

Ozion CheckPoint Management Software makes airport passenger and cabin luggage screening operations predictable, reliable and profitable while putting smiles on the faces of your screening staff and passengers.

Its staff and equipment sizing capability allows the operator to know precisely and reliably what the smallest realistic sizing plan is as well as his exact cost per passenger. Pervasive traceability and smart algorithms allow dispatchers to instantly see and choose their best dispatching options. Intelligent dispatching also results from the roles that local coordinators can take as deputy dispatchers. This allows the principal dispatcher to do the 2 things that elude other screening solutions : visualize the overall and separate local situations at a glance at all times and optimise the process as it unfolds, even when the dispatcher isn’t within eye site of what is going on.  

The Growing Need for Efficient CheckPoint Software

Airports and their private contractors are under growing pressure to deliver safe, timely and pleasant passenger screening services at a competitive price. These contradictory requirements explain why airport screening operations sometimes feel like inserting a square peg into in round hole. Lastingly high terrorist threat levels, stringent regulatory obligations, growing passenger numbers, increasingly congested skies and pressure to cut costs in times of austerity all combine to raise the challenge screening operators must meet.

Ozion Makes the Unexpected Predictable

Passenger checkpoint operations are mission-critical yet amazingly difficult to deliver reliably in a structurally unpredictable environment.

The weather, a large event from a tradeshow to a major sports tournament, strikes affecting the transport industry, a volcano, the threat of terrorism– the list is endless – all challenge even the best initial sizing plan.

The key is instant adaptation to sudden changes. This calls for timely information, overall and detailed visibility on the situation and smart tools to evaluate and easily choose the best options to maintain service levels in the face of  unexpected challenges.

Big Savings

Big savings result from better productivity. The operational predictability provided by Ozion software means fewer staff are needed as a safety buffer against the unexpected while large improvements in operationnal efficiency lead to a smaller workforce. Exposure to fines is sharply reduced when trusted information from pervasive traceability allows contractors to easily produce evidence clearing them of alleged service-level breaches.

Big savings also result from Ozion’s unique equipment and staff sizing capability. Traditional screening software has been notoriously poor at predicting with precision what will happen on the actual day.To make up for this uncertainty, operators overcompensate by planning larger than needed available-staff safety buffers, eating most of their profit margin right at the start whereas Ozion tells them what the smallest possible realistic sizing plan is. The operator can implement a much leaner plan and, because he knows the exact cost per passenger, is able to determine exactly what margin to factor in his price. Lastly, intelligent dispatching produces big savings too. First by aligning times of low staff-presence (due to breaks, training, etc) with times of low activity. Second, by allocating resources effectively at times of peak traffic.

Complete Solution

Ozion Airport solutions are end-to-end, meaning they address all your needs in their category: advanced sizing and dispatching supported by ubiquitous traceability (including the latest generation of devices such as i-beacons) as well as full reporting and invoicing capabilities. Services exist for everything you might need from project management to integration in your IT infrastructure and through custom development.


Ozion software is web-based, allowing you to deploy rapidly without installing add-ons and giving you automatic access to all updates as they are released. Such is the solution’s simplicity that clients usually have it up-and-running within 2 to 3 months as opposed to 6 to 18 months (the norm in the industry).

Dispatching Challenges

Dispatchers can only do their job well if they have a reliable and clear overall real-time picture, in the real world they very often don’t. Are all planned checkpoints open, fully staffed and working ? Is the planned number of security agents present at a given checkpoint? Why is a particular checkpoint screening passengers so slowly, has equipement broken down ? Did the airport pass an undersized order? Dispatchers are largely in the dark. They are not within direct line of site of most screening operations, they don’t know how many or which security officers are on active duty at their assigned posts and are often not systematically informed of incidents as they arise, such as the breakdown of a walk-through metal detector, staff absences, etc.

Constantly Reliable Dispatching Efficiency

Ozion CheckPoint Manager gives the screening operator’s dispatchers a real time view from an AODB feed of the expected passenger traffic for the next hour and beyond.

Rock-solid pervasive equipment and staff action traceability lets dispatchers see everything in real time at a glance, especially the net resources  at their disposal to cover the order (allowing for staff away on breaks, training, meetings, etc).

Dispatchers can modelize all information by running scenarios to instantly see and choose the best available options. And they can give local coordinators the role of deputy dispatcher to help them during peak hours –  making a very big difference to overall screening efficiency.

Ozion CheckPoint Manager Scope & Benefits

  • Real-time integration of flight information
  • Integration of flight plans
  • Flight management in real time (SARIA interface)
  • Management of airport missions
  • Management of missions
  • Real-time monitoring of missions (sequences by PDA, etc.)
  • Preparatory report for periodic invoicing
  • Management of missions
  • Monitoring of mission sequences in real time (PDA)
  • Electronic logbook
  • Border protection control
  • Badge and vehicle control
  • Vehicle search
  • Workstation sterilisation
  • X-ray machine calibration
  • Monitoring of searches and pat-downs
  • TPSO (performance test in an operational situation)
  • Quality control
  • Personnel management
  • Regulatory verifications
  • Reporting

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