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Software Designed for PRM  

Airports & their contractors now have the PRM solution they have been waiting for. They can have it all: deliver constantly reliable PRM service levels even in a naturally unpredictable environment, see huge savings and put a happy face on PRM passengers and staff alike.

CheckPoint Operations Made Simple

Airports & their contractors can automatically calculate the smallest ideal staff sizing plan, enjoy optimal dispatching based on pervasive tamper-proof traceability from all devices in the field (including i-Beacons) giving the only full picture on staff and equipment available today.

Ozion Puts Your People Back in Control 

Take good care of your teams and you will be surprised how well they take care of your customers and your bottom line. PRM and CheckPoint activities are tough: the unexpected happens all the time and pressure to comply with service levels is permanent. Ozion Software gives power to agents, coordinators, and dispatchers by making what is naturally unpredictable predictable and simple using insanely sophisticated math and algorithms. Plus it adapts to sudden changes fast and reliably even when faced with depleted resources using cutting-edge human-to-machine collaboration and best practices.

Clients Love using OZION Airport Solutions

icon_flyRecommended by 100% of our customers. In a recent survey, 100% of Ozion customers surveyed said they would recommend OZION to their peers and colleagues. We work hard to make sure our customers are happy.

icon_caddyMake big savings, make your PRM and screening workforce proud and make your passengers happy. At OZION, we love making passengers, PRM/screening workforces and airport/contractor CFOs happy.

icon_starReliable, pervasive traceability gives dispatchers the complete and reliable picture they could only dream of. OZION makes it possible for you to easily track every leg or aspect of your PRM route and every human intervention or process or CheckPoint equipment status using RFID, NFC and i-Beacon standards.

« We make cutting-edge software focused on people and ROI – in that order. A Workforce empowered  to work efficiently, given access to the industry’s best-practices and able to collaborate smartly with the system and between themselves, can focus on what they do best: exercise their judgment to deliver the best possible performance and customer care.  That is how a proud Workforce turns your confidence into higher profits. »

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