Stand Planning Module for airports

The Stand Planning Modules provides airport operators access to an immediate visualization of flight arrive planning priorities. By understanding the quantity of passengers and assistance type an arrival flight possess an operator can take an informed decision where a arrive should be parked remotely vs connected based on SSR Codes. Informed decision making can influence positive affects on the wider operation including; resources and delays

Benefits of Stand Planning Modules for airports:

Tools unlocked with Stand Planning Module

Standard PRM Manager Features

Airports who access PRM manager extend system functionality with

Airline Access

Airlines are provided their own restricted access to areas in the system that can help them gain clarity. for example, a gate agent can access to see how far a passenger is before deciding to close a gate.

+48hr/+72hr forecasting

Expansion of Passenger and resource requirements visibility from 24hours up to 72 hours

Airport Mapping

Visual representation of Airport and PRM operation through API connection. Operators can identify the exact location and path taken by an agent

Multi-provider management

Airports can manage multiple providers through a multi-site delivery, offering like-for-like- comparisons and management

See PRM Manager running in a real-time environment