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Webinar Theme: The Impact of COVID-19 on PRM Operations.
Speaker: Emilia De Santis (Terminal Manager)
Organisation: Napoli International Airport (Italy)
Date: 31/03/2020

Hosted on the 31st March with the complete support of Terminal Manager Emilia De Santis of Napoli International Airport (Italy). Attendees from 26 countries, Including USA,  Japan, UK, France, Oman etc.. attentively listened to the experiences, reactive measures and vision of an airport currently ahead of many in the curve. With Emilia’s experiences and insights it is hoped that many can learn and prepare for what they may face at their respective airports in the days to come.

THE IMPACT OF  COVID-19 ON NAPLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT was delivered in a transparent manner, covering various subjects that all attendees would have benefited from, topics included:

  • The drastic reduction in Passenger traffic
  • Governmental measures and  implications for air-travel and airport operations
  • Health and Safety measures
  • Provisional passenger numbers
  • PRM passenger numbers
  • A record breaking 2019  vs March 2020 numbers
  • Potential airline closures and the impact on Naples International Airport
  • The need of reviewing investment plans
  • Renegotiating service contracts
  • Implementing Smart-working
  • The closure or retail spaces
  • Re negotiations of retails
Speaker: Program Director – Laurel Van Horn
Organisation: Open Doors Organisation
Date: 16/06/2020

On June 16th 2020, Laurel Van Horn, Program Director at Open Doors Organization presented how airports, airlines and service providers can enhance passenger independence and safety as the industry reopens in a COVID-19 Environment.

William L. Neece’s Introduction:

Good morning, afternoon, evening and even tomorrow for some of you. I am William Neece, Director of Airport Solutions for Ozion and also the Conference Director of the Airport PRM Leadership Conference.

I would like to thank all you for taking time to be with us today. I would also like to start right off by thanking our entire team for all their hard work and dedication to hosting these very important Airport PRM Leadership Conference Webinars, in particular Kevin Knight who has once again done such a wonderful job of pulling together all of the content and then delivered it back in such a succinct and professional manner.

We are now all well into the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as it were. We have seen many airports around the world come to a complete or near to a full stop and now, luckily, more and more are beginning to add flights back to the schedule.

As everyone here knows, Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility in airports is an incredibly focused area with it’s own massive challenges and structural particularities. It is in this area that we and our staff all engage in everyday, from the front line serving each passenger, to dispatching, planning and management. So, it is in this area of our combined expertise and real life challenges that we will focus our sharing of knowledge today.

On the bottom of the slide you see is an example of a question that was asked in our recent Covid-19 PRM Recovery Survey, in addition to looking at the impacts felt we are also looking toward recovery. The example shows that both Airports and Service Providers are cautiously optimistic in seeing a turn around reaching close to normal activity within the next 12 months. The feedback from the survey and added best practices around re-opening safely has been fantastic, thank you all who have submitted. The survey will stay open for another couple of days so those of you have not filled it out, can. We will then be sending out a link to the full survey by early next week.

On another note:

The Airport PRM Leadership Conference has entered a landmark 5th annual edition this year. We are going to move forward with the November event in an interactive online environment. Most likely spread out over 2-3 days and as in previous years with featured speakers in all areas of service delivery for passengers with reduced mobility in our airports, and as per the requests from previous years we will also be expanding the sessions on the PRM Manager software suite and add a new focused exclusive PRM Manager User Group session as well.

Look for more information coming in the PRM Newsletter very soon.

We are very humbled by the number and diversity of all of you attending today. You are joined by Airports, Service Providers, Airlines, Authorities, Advocates, Trainers, Industry Associations, regulators, Private companies and Airport Operators. Over 23 Countries with us today. Reaching as far as Costa Rica, New Zealand, Gambia, Japan and everywhere inbetween.

A little housecleaning…please make sure your cell phone is on silent…ha ha, you can’t hear the laughter because you will be on mute throughout the presentation…, After the presentation we will have a time for question and answer. You may press the raise your hand button and we will unmute you to ask your question directly..

Let’s get started…

Laurel Van Horn has specialized in accessible travel and hospitality since 1987. For the past 16 years she has been the Director of Programs for Open Doors Organization (ODO), the Chicago-based non-profit best known for its nationwide studies of the disability travel market. In addition to developing customer service training for airports, airlines and service companies, Laurel also contributes to numerous projects for the Airport Cooperative Research Program. Among many important topics she will also share findings from ACRP Report 210: Innovative Solutions to Facilitate Accessibility for Airport Travelers with Disabilities, published earlier this year.

Ladies and gentleman – Laurel Van Horn