Real-time passenger tracking for airports

The PRM Manager Core product provides airports with a fully functional system to secure the passengers with reduced mobility operation. PRM Manager is built in a manner that allows for simple expansion as and when airport's need additional functionality. Ozion Plugins provide a simple way for management to expend system tools.

Airports With Access To Real-Time Passenger Monitoring:

GDPR Compliant

Passsenger tracking occurs through agent PDA geolocalization and/or Milestone activity.

Position Clarity

Operations can understand fully where a passenger is in their journey - fully recorded and timestamped

Full Control

Operators know where all passengers are at all time, securing their operation, agents and passengers

Connected and Dynamic

The passengers progress interacts with connected journey elements ensuring a dynamic and real-time process

Features delivered in the standard PRM Manager

Airports who access PRM manager extend system functionality with

Airport Mapping

Visual representation of Airport and PRM operation through API connection. Operators can identify the exact location and path taken by an agent

Multi-provider management

Airports can manage multiple providers through a multi-site delivery, offering like-for-like- comparisons and management

See PRM Manager running in a real-time environment