PRM Manager Core

The PRM Manager Core system provides airports with a comprehensive assisted airport services management suite. Securing passengers with reduced mobility and the overall airport operation. PRM Manager is built in a manner that allows for simple expansion as and when airport's need additional functionality. Ozion Plugins provide a simple way for management to expand system tools.

Airports accessing PRM Manager

Entice Stakeholder Ownership and Engagement

Real-Time sharing of vital operational data with all stakeholders throughout the entire airport operation.

Optimize Performance and Passenger Experience

Guarantee each assisted passenger journey from start to finish while maintaining on-time performance.

Improve Customer Relationship Management

Provide the best possible service for passengers requiring assistance. Constantly improve and use data to better understand and retain passengers over the long term.

Utilize Interactive Dashboards

Live indicators showing key operational information, allows for real-time decision making. Managing potential challenges before they occur.

Features delivered in the Core PRM Manager

Airports accessing PRM manager extend system functionality with

See PRM Manager running in real-time environment