Ozion Analytics For Airports

Ozion Analytics is the foundation of analytical tools available to make the PRM Manager into a powerful analytical tool that transforms data into operational intelligence through an expansive list of search queries and datasets.

Analytical Tools Base system:

All Ozion Analytics Tools can be searched and custom queried utilization a combination of 2000 search criteria.

Volume reporting

PAX traffic analysis (confirmed/unconfirmed, cancelled, with done task, KPI...)

Airline reporting

Airline passenger traffic volumes

Notification Rate Reporting

Notification rates by individual airports serving the airport

SSR Reporting

Passenger SSR code reporting

Features delivered in the standard PRM Manager

Airports who access PRM manager extend system functionality with

Airport Mapping

Visual representation of Airport and PRM operation through API connection. Operators can identify the exact location and path taken by an agent

Multi-provider management

Airports can manage multiple providers through a multi-site delivery, offering like-for-like- comparisons and management

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