PRM Manager Command Centre

The command centre is the central component to PRM Manager allowing Dispatchers to fully control passenger assistance demands

PRM Command centre allows for

Assign agent(s) to a specific passenger in real-time

View the current status of all passengers

Manage the entire dispatching operation

Access all pertinent details

Tools delivered in the Control Centre

View current Passenger task and tasks to be completed

Passengers currently being assisted in the airport can be view as can upcoming tasks throughout the day

Assign Secondary Assistant to passenger

Secondary Assistants can be easily assigned to a passenger when required.

View Upcoming Passengers

Software Solutions

Assistance Type

Passengers can be assign with on or more SSR Code which is instantly identifiable in the command centre so available, and suitable agents can be assigned to assist


Alerts are defined in system configurations and scenarios. When a condition has been triggered an alters screen highlights its' occurrence.

Agent Notes

Dispatchers can identify any passengers flagged as a no-show by the assigned agent

Other core functions

Airports who access PRM manager extend system functionality with

Airport Mapping

Visual representation of Airport and PRM operation through API connection. Operators can identify the exact location and path taken by an agent

Multi-provider management

Airports can manage multiple providers through a multi-site delivery, offering like-for-like- comparisons and management

See PRM Manager running in a real-time environment