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From banking and insurance to wealth the management


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From banking and insurance to wealth the management

From banking and insurance to wealth the management

Ozion PRM Manager™ is developed with the philosophy that the passenger is placed firmly at the centre of the system, their progress throughout their journey must be identifiable, trackable and visible in an easy-to-use method. To support this overriding goal is to pick up and deliver each passenger to their destination inside the airport on time and with care. It follows from this that:

  • The system must always make it easy for the airport/service provider to constantly calculate, execute, monitor and adjust the jobs as needed and to report on each job in real time with traceable data
  • The most efficient way to “calculate, execute, monitor and adjust the job as needed and to report on each job” is by breaking jobs down into operational units (“scenarios, tasks & milestones”) that powerful algorithms can analyze and reassemble to optimize PRM service delivery at all times. The system uses these living building bricks to control the outcome by coordinating staff and equipment to cover the job load at that time.

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Just some of the benefits

  • Operational Efficiency​
  • Increased Margins​
  • Quick Deployment
  • Automated Reporting
  • Operational Transparency
  • Improved Passenger Experience
  • Quick Dispatching

Things to Consider

We make PRM (1) operations predictable, leaner and profitable for airports and their private contractors. The need for a new generation of PRM management software is driven by the global combination of an aging population and the growing proportion of overweight individuals: PRM jobs  grow 15% a year. Government regulations in Europe (EU Regulation N° 1107/2006), the USA and elsewhere impose stringent obligations for PRM air traveller assistance. Lapses in PRM assistance or regulatory non-compliance lead to public embarrassment and heafty fines. Roughly 1% of airline passengers require PRM assistance: an airport with 10 million passengers a year can expect 100,000 PRM jobs a year or 500 a day during the high season. PRM operators need PRM software to meet the challenges of fast growth, low productivity and erratic service reliability if they are to become and stay profitable.         (1) Persons with Reduced Mobility

Counter-intuitively, PRM assistance is actually a highly complex activity to manage. It can take up to 8 agents to take a PRM passenger to, or from, their plane with as many transloadings accross several terminals to/from the tarmac, transfers often contributing to added job complexity. There is simply so much that can go wrong. Imagine peak season at a large airport with 500 PRM jobs a day across 4 terminals when transfers mean it will take 3 to 8 agents to handle one PRM passenger. Late arrivals, closed gates, different policies from airline to airline about when PRM passengers can embark/disembark (at the start or at the end?), broken down lifts, gate changes, works in progress at the airport, absent or late PRM agents … all of these combine to make things rapidly difficult without the right organization and software.

Difficulty to effectively re-schedule is typical of traditional PRM management applications based on a business-rules approach. Their job scenarios carefully prepared ahead of time struggle to adapt to the changes that impact the original game plan in real time. Dispatchers who use such solutions basically send out the order and … that’s it. Because of a heavy client-server architecture, these applications tend to be slow and prone to outages. So much so that agents print out their job itinerary at their job start because they aren’t confident their PDAs will work. Ozion software “avoids the unexpected or eats it for lunch”. How? By relying on extensive traceability and giving dispatchers a choice of the best scenario based not just on information from traceable devices but also from agents in the field who provide details about the context of a situation which systems can’t provide. Why has a leg in the initial itinerary failed? A lift is closed. Without this critical agent feedback and Ozion PRM including it in the Algorithm , re-routing will often fail.

Such PRM applications are often largely « blind ». All they can usually tell thanks to the agent’s PDA input is whether each leg of the originally planned itinerary has or has not been completed. Dispatchers are then at a loss to know why a leg wasn’t completed and what could cause the re-planned itinerary to fail too. This is compounded by the fact that at large airports, PRM dispatchers can’t see what is going on most of the time, as agents operate out of sight in hidden or far-away sections of the airport.

When an airport has 10 million passengers or manages over 100,000 PRM jobs a year, or manages over 500 PMR jobs a day in times of high traffic, it will find that it may struggle to manage without a robust PRM software. In such cases, Ozion PRM Manager becomes an attractive investment with an especially rapid return as it is up-and-running within 2 to 3 months. It scales easily – without installation being 100% web based – and is rapidly adopted by PRM staff who applaud the reliability, productivity and peace of mind it gives them. Airports north of 5 million passengers a year increasingly adopt Ozion’s PRM manager for the way it meets the challenges of growth, operational predictability, productivity and service-level compliance e.g. when a plane is late at a large airport, the cost is about 6000 € a minute. Airports therefore send their Quality Control Teams after the culprit and the PRM operator will be fined if he can’t prove their “innocence” – whether or not they are truly responsible.

Dispatchers have complete visiblity on where each agent in their workforce is and what they are doing at just about all times (in stark contrast to systems whose contribution stops after they have sent the original job order and route details). Coordinators can act as deputy dispatchers during traffic peak-times, helping dispatchers make the right decisions when their bandwith is most severely challenged. You can engage everyone in your PRM staff team more than ever before. Ozion PRM Manager gives them the reliable information and organisational framework (including access to the most recent best-practices) to do their job to the best of their ability – by exercising their judgment and customer care while being largely shielded from the uncertainty and pressure PRM activities traditionnally brought in the past.

First, big savings result from clearly improved productivity: better visibility, dispatching and team collaboration as well as engagement all make it possible to do more with less, leading to a smarter workforce.  Second, better planning AND adaptation to change mean the operator can significantly  reduce the staff buffer they keep to meet the unexpected, leading to a much leaner staff roster and much higher productivity. Third, exposure to fines is sharply reduced for two reasons: the general improvement in operational reliability reduces or eliminates service level breaches that cause penalties. If the service delivered falls below the promised service level, the screening operator has the hard-facts they need at their disposal from Ozion PRM Manager’s trusted traceable data and the information to easily demonstrate that they are not responsible for the drop in service levels.