About Ozion Airport Software

We are a trusted software developer of integration solutions within the aviation sector delivering real-time operational monitoring, forecasting and analytical tools

Transforming Data into Operational Intelligence

Ozion Airport Software solutions transforms data into operational intelligence. Through the connec – tion and leveraging of over 1 billion data points across PRM operations, checkpoints, handling and flight op – erations in airport environments. Integrated solutions (AODB, SITA Messages and Roster management software) permit users to fully control and anticipate operational demands courtesy of pre-event, real-time and post event analytical tools. With over 2000 combinations of search criteria, operations are em – powered with the tools to identify sources of operational success and investigate root causes of service quality/performance deviation in a simple and intelligible manner.

Ozion Airport Software has organically grown into a market leader in Europe and reached significant recognition for strides made in airport service software. Housing a portfolio of 4 interconnected products, many airports and service operators have embraced the opportunity to automate many aspects of assisted passenger services, checkpoints and handling operations.

Run as independent software solutions or as an integrated approach, Ozion Software provides services with an unparalleled control over operations, Europe’s first and second largest airports now operate at least one of Ozion’s core software solutions, joining 300+ airports across the globe currently benefiting from Ozion technology.

Developed fully inhouse, a team of 15 developers ensure software development is controlled, secured and tailored to an evolving industry in close working relationships with airports, service operators and aviation authorities to deliver technological innovations which in turn deliver business and operational solutions

Our Story and Sustained Growth

Consistent Deliverables Across Solutions

Configurable Solutions

Each software solution is configured according for operation - whether it be specific technological, resource or physical requirements, the system is fully configured and integrated into the airport to ensure a seamless and embedded solution

Digitized Dashboards

Ergonomically designed by in-house programmers and designers to ensure users have access and visibility to various areas in the system to react and navigate in the most time efficient and userfriendly manner to achieve their role within the operation

Analytical Tools

Advanced Reporting leverages the system's complete integration, generating a multitude of data points that are key for service quality and operational adjustment. Users can interrogate the operational performance through industry leading data querying tools.

Actionable Results

Data-Driven Ozion Airport Software assists Stakeholders identify root-causes of performance deviation and present justifications to make fully informed operational decisions for alteration and improvement.

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