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8th Nov 23 | Paris – France

Nominations for this year’s Airport Accessibility Award remain open until 1st November 2023 with supporting materials and information.

– A minimum of one delegate from the airport must be present at the award ceremony.

– A 3-minute video or PowerPoint presentation, illustrating the initiative, to be forwarded to the award organizing committee.

– A high-resolution (300 DPI) photograph of the representative.

Nominate an Airport

The 2023 Accessibility Awards serve as a pivotal segment of the Airport PRM Leadership Conference, dedicated to acknowledging and applauding airports that demonstrate great strides in delivering services for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM). This page outlines the procedure for PRM stakeholders to nominate organizations for the 2023 Accessibility Awards.

Why Nominate an Airport for 2023?

Recognise Excellence

Promote Best Practice

Increase Progress Visibility

Motivate Teams

Celebrate Success

If you’ve encountered or work in an airport that’s made strides in enhancing the travel experience for passengers with reduced mobility, now’s the time to spotlight their achievements. Let’s come together to honor those making a difference and inspire others to follow suit!

2022 Finalist
Bahrain International Airport

2022 Finalist
East Midlands Airport


Who will join the Hall of Fame?

2022 Winner

King Khalid International Airport / King Salman Center for Disability Research

2021 Winner

Miami International Airport

2020 Winner

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport


Nomination Criteria

1. Innovation: A nominated airport should exhibit a distinct and innovative approach, which might encompass technological breakthroughs or specific facilities for PRM.

2. Efficiency: The initiative must have a track record of effectively addressing PRM needs, thereby elevating the passenger experience.

3. Feedback and Review: Constructive feedback from PRMs, highlighting the positive influence of these innovations, will be viewed favorably. Testimonials will serve as corroborative evidence.


Selection Process


Nomination Submissions

Nominations for this year’s Airport Accessibility Award remain open until 1st November 2023 with supporting materials and information.


Review & Finalists Selection

An expert committee of PRM stakeholders will review all nominations and select three finalists to present their nomination in front of the live audience


Finalist Presentations

Finalists will take to the stage to present their accessible initiatives in front of the Airport PRM Leadership Conference Delegates on Nov 8th.



Upon completion of Finalist presentation and Q/As the audience will vote for the Winner of the 2023 award by way of majority vote.

We extend our best wishes to all participants in the 2023 Accessibility Award. A heartfelt thank you to everyone for nominating those who are pioneering efforts to make travel both accessible and seamless.