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Phone support is available from 9 am to 6 pm CET save French bank holidays Clients can have 24/7 access support provided they have signed up to Ozion’s Premium Support Service. Support is currently available in English and French.

Guaranteed Incident Response Time

An incident is a period during which Ozion’s service is interrupted or affected sufficiently to make it impossible to use in practice by the client. When a client suffers an incident, he must notify Ozion by opening a ticket. The incident’s duration is measured from the moment a ticket is issued to the moment the client and Ozion both note that the service has been restored. Three levels of incidents exist determined by the service-level agreed between the client and Ozion at the outset of the contract.

  • Blocking Incident: part or all of the service can’t be used by the client.
  • Semi-blocking Incident: an incident that doesn’t prevent the complete or partial use of Ozion’s software by the client.
  • Minor Incident: doesn’t prevent the use of the application but limits its effectiveness.

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