Onsite Evaluation of your PRM Operation – Limited Availability

Onsite Evaluation of your PRM Operation – Limited Availability


As a Service Provider, Airport or Airline, you need to benchmark your PRM Operations (1)

Airports, service providers and airlines already face major challenges with PRM handling and the projected growth of this segment will only increase pressure on their entire PRM framework.

Ozion Consulting (2) will visit you to review your PRM operations and help you transform your challenges into opportunities.

Ozion Consulting’s world-class PRM Service Evaluation Matrix covers the following and more:

  • How well do you understand current PRM Service operations?
  • What is your organizations role in the process and what are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How well do you control each passenger order(s)?
  • How well do you understand opportunities offered by the PRM business model?
  • What role can technology play in enabling you to take back control of your PRM operations?
  • How good a job are you doing of serving each passenger and supporting your staff?
  • How meaningful is your current reporting?
  • If you work in many locations, do you have a consolidated global view of your PRM passengers?


In short, the service evaluation will cover these key areas:
    • Operations/Resources
    • Data
    • SLAs
    • Technology
    • Reporting and much more in your 150-point Ozion Consulting PRM Service Evaluation.

We will provide you with a list of your operational strengths as well as the shortlist of key improvement areas from which you can expect the biggest impact on your operational performance.




      • (1) PRM: “Passengers with Reduced Mobility”, also referred to as “special assistance passengers”
      •  (2) Ozion Consulting is the service arm of Ozion Airport Software, the publisher of the leading PRM software platform that is changing the way PRM services are piloted in real time at large, mid-sized and small airports through a mix of smart software and visionary operational practices that make the most volatile airport service manageable and predictable



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