Ozion provides software solutions to airports and their partners that make the management of checkpoints and PRM assistance immeasurably easier, more predictible and economical. Ozion software also enables them to deliver a more reliably pleasant passenger airport experience. Founded in 2004, we know the workings of large international airports inside out. We are especially familiar with the difficulties airports and their service providers faced until now  managing checkpoints and PRM assistance. Whether accurately predicting passenger traffic throughout the day, handling last minute orders or producing an accurate real-time picture of what is going on. Today, Ozion solutions allow them to come up with the best solution to every situation, every time, however great the pressure. In making our software, we believe in harnessing the lastest IT technology to make what is erratic, predicable and what is complicated, simple. At the end of the day this means very substantial savings for our clients. But it also means a lot more: a better work experience for Checkpoint and PRM staff responsible for these high-pressure, mission-critical jobs for the airport. And it of course means a better passenger experience of the airport. We believe our purpose is to make life good for the staff who use our software every day and, as a result, for those they serve – passengers – as well as to their employer in the form of major savings .

“We make cutting edge software focused on people and ROI – in that order. Yes, substantial savings for airports and their partners. But through a superior work experience for PRM and Checkpoint Staff and a superior airport experience for passengers”.

Romain Théret, CEO of Ozion

Airports are about providing passengers with a timely, reliable and pleasant service in an environment where schedules, reliability and customer service are constantly challenged.

Our solutions are the best because they strive to help your staff to feel proud of their performance by allowing them to focus on what they do best  in their job using their experience, skill and judgment to the fullest. Our software brings out the best in your operations and staff behaviour by making the two work together perfectly, each contributing what they excel in.

At the end of the day it is all about people. The technology and people working together produces strong economic performance.

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