2017 – Airport PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) Survey

2017 – Airport PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) Survey

Help your PRM airport community better understand our biggest collective challenges today!

Below, simply rate the 10 PRM problems in the list below to indicate how big a concern they are for you:
« 1 = Not a problem », « 2 = Small problem », « 3 = Problem », « 4 = Important problem » and « 5 = Major problem »

(*) = Airport passengers service professionals tasked with supervising PRM delivery, PRM provider staff, airline staff closely concerned by PRM service levels, bodies representing PRM passengers, airport supervisory bodies tasked with overseeing the correct provision of PRM services in their respective countries …) 

If you believe we have left out an important problem, please add one or several of your own and rate them in the space provided to that effect the second page of the survey. The goal is to rank the list of the problems that create the biggest headache for PRM professionals today and announce the findings at the PRM Leadership Conference on November 10th 2017 at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport ( http://www.ozion-airport.com/register-now-for-the-2017-airport-prm-leadership-conference/ registration link).

During the conference: we will ask attendees to share how they think the top 3 problems could be best tackled and will share the results in the first newsletter after the conference.


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