2017 – Airport PRM Leadership Conference – Date Announced!

2017 – Airport PRM Leadership Conference – Date Announced!

Paris – April 12, 2017.


Building on the success of the first PRM Leadership Conference held at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in 2016, this years conference will be held on Friday November 10th.


The conference will be attended by professionals who oversee PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) services at airports, from airlines, service providers and industry experts who wish to:


  • meet their peers and « ecosystem » partners
  • learn from successful recent PRM deployments in Europe
  • discuss new solutions to common, recurrent, PRM issues
  • deepen their insights on why some airports’ PRM services « tick » all the expected boxes and more while others « tick » few and manifestly fail to deliver value


PRM Conference topic details


We will be informing you about the specific content of the event over the next few months in exciting installments! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team in order to include a topic you believe would add value for everyone.


About Ozion Airport Software

Ozion is the organizer and host of the PRM Leadership Conference ™. The company’s software is widely respected for putting right what is seen as not working by a growing majority of professionals in the airport PRM sector.

Ozion publishes three applications:


  • Ozion PRM Manager
  • Ozion CheckPoint Manager
  • Ozion Handling Manager


In the case of PRM, Ozion’s uniquely passenger-centric application:


  • Monitors and tracks the whereabouts  of each PRM passenger as they go through up to 25 milestones in the course of their journey inside the airport from plane to plane (transfer), departure to plane or plane to arrival,
  • Delivers the reliable, full data set that is accessible in real time that the PRM industry has been clamoring for for so long : SLAs (pre-notification numbers, response time to pick up passengers, etc), reliable KPIs (actual time performance, productivity), tracked information (« no-shows », board alone, incidents such as gate changes, out-of-order jet-bridges, CheckPoint traffic jams, …)
  • Generates invoices supported by clear, detailed, trusted evidence the airlines and airport will accept,
  • Allows you to retrieves detailed PRM passenger journey histories justified by accessible trusted evidence to support the full and detailed picture of what happened every step of each customer journey,
  • Enables high productivity job dispatching by calculating and automatically offering the best option to allocate jobs or update existing jobs to immediately factor in the many things that often go wrong during PRM passenger journeys,
  • Provides rapid reporting that shows everything you ever wanted to know reliably in real time in between 5 and 30 minutes as opposed to half a day to a day for the nearest competition,
  • Centralise all job orders in Ozion PRM Manager, de-dupe them to ensure all orders are counted once and no more,
  • Make collaboration between airport, provider and airlines a simple daily reality :
    • enable them to see the position of every PRM pax,
    • know if they will arrive at the gate on time,
    • allow everyone to see real-time pre-notification statistics,
    • let airlines process PRM passengers at check-in desks directly into the Ozion PRM Manager application (via Cute browsers),
    • allow gate agents to see where late Pax are before deciding to close their flight or not, etc.


The venue

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

PRM Leadership Conference Meeting Room

If you wish more information or have any questions please contact William Neece at  wneece@ozion-airport.com or on + 33 (0) 6 52 21 32 60.



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